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What does Compass CFO do?

Compass CFO utilizes financial data compiled by our internal finance team and partner accounting firm to better inform and guide you with customized solutions and create a solid growth strategy. As a result, Compass CFO will help your company to increase profitability, obtain financing, and attract investors.

We utilize our real-world experience, industry knowledge, and expertise to implement strategic solutions that address a full range of financial challenges and opportunities.


We will provide advice to help your business with:

  • Cash flow

  • Analyzing financial reporting

  • Create strategies based on your finances


Compass CFO will provide forecasts and models designed to increase profitability and your bottom line. We align your past, present, and future financial performance and back it with data driven models that are designed to operate efficiently and maximize growth.

Compass CFO takes responsibility for protecting your company’s profitability and holding entrepreneurs accountable to their goals. We are involved in your business planning, implementation, and managing each area of your financial operations.










As your CFO, we’ll perform routine in-depth reviews of your finances and growth strategies. We’ll identify trends and opportunities to achieve efficiencies and make informed decisions to grow your business.

Using detailed analysis, we’ll develop a strategic framework to improve the financial well-being of your business. Using competitive benchmarking and in-depth analysis, we’ll evaluate your current performance and sustainability. With a clear strategy, we will help your business achieve a competitive advantage in its industry.


We’ll use the following tools and skills to analyze and strategize:

  • Strategic financial decisions for profitability

  • KPI and Benchmark reporting objective metrics

  • Managing a budget and forecast

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Evaluate business risks and opportunities

  • Financial reporting built for your business


With Compass CFO, you’ll receive expert analysis of your business and the industry it lives in. We identify potential risks and opportunities at every stage of the business lifecycle. With our scenario planning, we’ll create a plan of action to navigate around risks and seize every opportunity available to you.

Compass CFO identify and monitor business risks, such as:

  • Compliance risk

  • Debt risk

  • Liquidity risk

  • M&A risk

  • Process risk

  • Personnel risk

  • Contract risk

  • Security risk

Don’t let your business suffer from an avoidable risk. We will help you understand the costs and reputation savings so you can plan to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity.


The number one businesses go under is lack of proper cash flow management. Working with Compass CFO will give you the confidence of knowing how money spent today affects your financial situation many months down the road. With historical trend analysis and future scenario projections, we can help you plan to:

  • Hire additional employees,

  • Increase your marketing spend,

  • Purchase additional inventory,

  • Invest in new initiatives for your business

We take your financial forecasts and models to build a financial management tool to execute your cash plans week-to-week in real time. We help reduce worry, stress and anxiety by helping you spend your cash intentionally and with a main focus; growth.

With Compass CFO, you’ll feel confident that your working capital plans are adequate, cash is available for payroll, you can make your next inventory payment, and much more.








We dive deep into your business infrastructure and inner workings. Working with you and your team, we’ll identify key indicators and ways to unlock growth. We’ll provide financial projections, models, and tools that will pair with our customized and specific strategies to help your business succeed.


We believe success can be found in creating system efficiencies, accuracies, and ease of use. With the right systems and processes, we will help your team increase productivity and profitability.

We’ll provide a health scan of the following systems and processes:

  • Financial accounting system.

  • Accounts payable.

  • Purchasing & inventory processes.

  • Operational Process, and much more.



Compass CFO provides you with a trusted and experienced financial professional that will allow you to do what you do best in your business. Our services will provide you with detailed analysis, reports, and keep a solid pulse on your finances. Breathe easy knowing we are here to show you what is working, what’s broken, and ideas of how to move forward. Partnering with Compass CFO, you can make data-driven decisions and reduce uncertainties.

We’ll help you prepare to scale and grow at every stage of business. With our strategies and insights, we’ll help you make decisions to:

  • Raise capital. Raise capital.

  • Add staff members.

  • Increase sales and marketing spend.

  • Create more revenue streams, or niche down for greater profitability.


Compass CFO will be your champion for looking at opportunities to increase revenues and cut costs. Our toolbox includes:

  • Historic financial statements & results.

  • Real-time dashboard reporting.

  • KPI monitoring.

  • Annual operating budget.

  • Rolling forecast.

  • Cash Management.

  • Entry and exit strategies.

  • KPIs.

  • A budget based on cash flow, overhead, inventory, and more.

  • Cost cutting initiatives, such as:

    • Reducing overhead costs.

    • Finding more efficient solutions.

    • Looking at outsourcing opportunities.

    • Looking at creating terms with vendors and additional services.

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